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Sheep Placenta Capsules 4000 mg / 60 Capsules

Sheep Placenta Capsules 4000 mg / 60 Capsules

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1. product ingredients

Sheep Placenta, Grape Seed Extract, Ginseng Extract, Vitamin E

2. Feature Refinement

① Highly concentrated sheep placenta, double the quality

② 4 major nutrients, internal adjustment and internal nourishment

③ Freeze-drying technology to retain full nutrition

3. Feature decomposition

① Highly concentrated sheep placenta

Each 1 capsule = 4000mg fresh sheep placenta

② 4 major nutrients

4 ingredients effect
 sheep placenta Sheep placenta is rich in nutrients, which can remove the cold in the body , maintain the ovaries , and nourish yin and blood. And it has the effect of beauty and beauty, can dilute wrinkles and stains, relieve
skin sagging and sagging.
 Grape Seed Extract Grape seeds have strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging ability, which can relieve some people with poor skin tone, chloasma, wrinkles and other skin relaxation problems.
 Ginseng Extract Ginseng, also known as "the old root", can enhance the blood circulation of the human body, has the effect of anti-oxidation, and at the same time can enhance the vitality of cells, achieve the effect of
nourishing the skin, and also achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood;
 Vitamin E Tocopherol in vitamin E can promote the secretion of adrenal hormones in the anterior pituitary; enhance the effect of progesterone and increase the antioxidant capacity of ovaries, follicles and progesterone ;

③ Freeze drying technology

Sheep placenta powder adopts aerospace-grade freeze-drying technology, which can lock all nutrients to the greatest extent and exert high-quality effects;

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