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Saw Palmetto Lycopene Capsules

Saw Palmetto Lycopene Capsules

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1. product ingredients

Saw Palmetto Extract, Tomato Extract (with Lycopene), Pumpkin Seed Extract,

Polygonatum Polysaccharide, Amino Acid Chelated Zinc

2. Feature Refinement

① 4 kinds of natural plant extract formulas + nutrients, specially researched

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3. Feature decomposition

① 4+1 special research formula

5 ingredients effect
saw palmetto Saw palmetto is a precious medicinal plant of the palm family common in the southeastern United States. It has hormone transformation that regulates body growth ; it can relieve the problems of frequent
urination, urgency, and inability to hold urine at night, and improve the total flow of urine and excretion. The level of the bladder ; it is beneficial to prevent and improve diseases such as cystitis, urethritis
and prostatitis ; and it has a good effect on androgenetic alopecia;
Lycopene Lycopene can help prevent prostate disease in men. Because it has a good antioxidant effect, it can scavenge free radicals, and lycopene can quickly enter the prostate with the body's blood circulation,
effectively remove residual toxins in the prostate, and help eliminate inflammation in the prostate tissue. Furthermore, lycopene can improve sperm quality and help improve male fertility ;
Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds are rich in fatty acids, which can keep the prostate gland functioning well. The active ingredients contained in it can eliminate the swelling in the early stage of prostatitis, and also have the
effect of preventing prostate cancer ;
Polygonatum polysaccharide is an active ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine Polygonatum, which has a wide range of effects such as anti-aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, preventing
atherosclerosis, improving and improving memory, anti-tumor, regulating immunity, anti-inflammatory and anti-virus; It has the effect of regulating male testosterone secretion and physical fitness;
Amino Acid
Chelated Zinc
Zinc has a protective effect on the prostate and can enhance the ability of the prostate to resist diseases, mainly because zinc can promote the phagocytosis of anti-inflammatory cells, so as to avoid suffering
from prostatitis. Zinc promotes the formation of sexual organs during puberty, maintains secondary sexual characteristics, and maintains sperm motility in daily life ;

② Synergy, add points to love

Moisturize and nourish + strengthen physical ability + improve kidney function + enhance sperm vitality + balance emotions

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