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CoQ10 Vitamin (Basic)

CoQ10 Vitamin (Basic)

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1. product ingredients

Coenzyme Q10 100mg

2. Feature Refinement

① 99% high purity, good absorption

② Microbial process extraction, non-chemical synthesis

③ Multipurpose, multiple protection

3. Feature decomposition

① 99% high purity

Each capsule of 100mg high-content, 99% high-purity coenzyme Q10 pharmaceutical-grade

nano-delivery carrier loaded with coenzyme Q10 can prolong the digestion time of coenzyme

Q10 and improve its bioavailability after being ingested by the human body.

②Microbial process extraction, non-chemical synthesis

Products are more environmentally friendly, purer and more active

③ Multipurpose, multiple protection

Coenzyme Q10 has particularly prominent cardiovascular effects, with anti-myocardial ischemia,

anti-arrhythmia, anti-heart failure and other effects; especially suitable for people over 50+,

expectant mothers over 30, people who stay up late and work overtime, people who exercise and fitness,

take statin drug-like population;

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